Jorge Lains

“Chronic Stroke and Plateau in Rehabilitation”

Jorge Lains

Portugal Rovisco Pais Hospital, Portugal / Past President (Chair of council of Past Presidents)

Q.Which research field are you interested in now?

Jorge Lains: I am interested in neurological rehabilitation after stroke. Furthermore, I am also interested in keeping patients’ pleasure and motivation to continue their rehabilitation program.

Q.What do you want to convey by your research?

Jorge Lains: Thank for the progress of diagnostic imaging like f-MRI, it is possible to verify the effects of rehabilitation. We are now able to provide optimal rehabilitation program which stimulate brain plasticity. By using these method, we might be able to avoid the plateau.

Q.What is your impression of Japan?

Jorge Lains: Portuguese have a special close affinity for Japanese culture. For example, Arigato is very close meaning and pronunciation as Obrigado. Every time I come to Japan, I am deeply moved finding such common point.

Q.Do you recommend for participation in ISPRM 2019?

Jorge Lains: Of course. People in Japan are kind and polite and the city of Kobe is safe and beautiful. Participants in ISPRM 2019 will be moved by extraordinary experience. Prof. Saito and Prof. Domen will provide us the highest level of scientific congress.

1-18-12 Uchikanda Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047, Japan