Bylaws for Honorary Membership (International)

1. Objective

In order to achieve the objective of Japanese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine (JARM) from the standpoint of international exchange as set forth in Article 3 of the Articles of the Association, the Association shall appoint “Honorary Members” from among overseas medical doctors and researchers specializing in the field of rehabilitation medicine who have contributed to the development of the Association as foreign Special Members as set forth in Article 5, Paragraph 2, Item 5 of the Articles of the Association and in Article 4 of the Enforcement Regulations of the Articles of the Association.

2. Qualifications

A person eligible to become a Honorary Member shall satisfy the following requirements:

  1. The said person shall be a medical doctor or researcher aged 65 years old or over who is of a foreign nationality or has either citizenship or permanent residency status in a foreign country;

  2. The said person should have made internationally recognized contributions to the field of rehabilitation medicine;.

  3. The said person shall have made a significant contribution to JARM by presenting an invited lecture at a JARM meeting or by sponsoring overseas study of a JARM member; and

  4. The said person shall obtain a recommendation from a honorary member, officer or representative of JARM.

3. Admission

The JARM Committee on International Affairs shall review the achievements and contributions to JARM of the proposed candidate for Honorary Membership and shall report the results to the President of the Board of Governors of JARM. The President of the Board of Governors shall, following deliberations in the Board of Governors, recommend the candidate and receive the approval of the Representative Assembly of JARM.

4. Limitation on Number of Honorary Members

The number of Honorary Members shall be no more than 30.

5. Rights of Honorary Members

  1. The annual membership fee for JARM shall be waived;

  2. Registration fee(s) for domestic and/or international meetings organized by JARM shall be waived;

  3. The Honorary Member shall be able to submit papers to the Japanese Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine and other publications and to make presentations to the above meetings;

  4. The Honorary Member shall receive the Japanese Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine and other publications of JARM; and

  5. The Honorary Member shall be able to make proposals to JARM in response to a request by the Association.

6. Duties of Honorary Members

Honorary Members shall have the following duties:

  1. Honorary Members are requested to promptly notify the secretariat of JARM of any changes in address for correspondence, and other relevant data affecting membership.

7. Registration

With the approval of the Honorary Members, the Board of Governors shall publish the names of Honorary Members in the bulletin of the Japanese Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine.

8. Supplement

Following a resolution of two-thirds of the members of the Committee on International Affairs, including the Committee Chairman, the above bylaws shall go into effect upon the approval of the Board of Governors.

Approval by Board of Governors: September 25, 1999
  March 29, 2003
   March 14, 2015