Privacy Policy

The Japanese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine (hereinafter referred to as "JARM") fully recognizes the importance of the personal information and is committed to handling the personal information with good care.
JARM will pursue the following actions and protect the personal information with full responsibility in order to provide security as well as safe and comfortable environment and space:

  1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

    JARM will comply with the Personal Information Protection Act and any other related laws and regulations and guidelines, etc.

  2. Internal Systems

    With respect to handling the personal information and the system thereof, JARM will develop the internal rules necessary for each operation.

  3. Collection of Personal Information

    When JARM asks for personal information, JARM will first specify the purpose of use and then collect personal information to the extent necessary for accomplishing such purpose.

  4. Use of Personal Information

    When using personal information, JARM will utilize such personal information only within the scope of purpose of use and will not use beyond the scope of purpose thereof.

  5. Assurance of Accuracy

    JARM will take appropriate measures to keep personal information accurate and updated.

  6. Safety Management Measures

    JARM will keep personal information under strict management and take preventive and safety measures against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, leakage and/or any other damage.

  7. Internal Education

    JARM will continue to educate and train the employees regarding the protection of personal information and ensure that each and every employee will act in accordance therewith.

  8. Supervision of Third Party Contractors

    When using the personal information, JARM may from time to time entrust such personal information to a third party within the scope of reasonable use. JARM will require any and all third party contractors to keep the personal information under strict management and will supervise such contractor(s).

  9. Restriction of Provision to a Third Party

    Except as provided in the preceding Paragraph 8 or as required by laws and regulations, JARM will not provide or disclose personal information to any third party without prior consent.

  10. Confirmation, Alteration, Etc. of Personal Information

    In the event that the owner of the personal information wishes to confirm, correct or update his/her own personal information obtained by JARM or to make any other request relating thereto, JARM will promptly respond to such request to a reasonable and necessary extent.

  11. Review of the System

    JARM will continue to review and improve the rules concerning the handling of personal information as well as the internal system for the implementation thereof in order to sustain its effective and appropriate operation.