About JARM

About JARM


The Japanese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine was established in 1963. We achieved a leading position by joining the subcommittees of The Japanese Association of Medical Sciences and launching the Board Certification System of Rehabilitation Medicine. We have continued working to ensure the status of rehabilitation medicine as a specialty, including the approval of "Rehabilitation Medicine" as a clinical department, the establishment of the "Rehabilitation science/ Welfare engineering" as a general field under the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, and recognition as a basic field by Japanese Medical Specialty Board.

In order to improve the quality and to standardize the broad field of rehabilitation medicine, we have strengthened partnership with academic organizations in various medical fields and professional associations related to rehabilitation. We have also provided support for para sports and disaster relief, and have supported social activities for people with disabilities.

We aim to further contribute to the enhancement of medical care and social welfare by conducting projects related to the development of rehabilitation medicine, dissemination of knowledge, and improvement of academic culture.

1963 The Japanese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine (JARM) was established on September 29. Initially, 494 members joined our association
1964 The first annual meeting of JARM was held in Osaka, Japan.
The first issue of "Japanese Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine" was published.
1968 JARM became a member society of the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences.
1987 The 8th International Rehabilitation Medicine Association World Congress was held in Kyoto, Japan.
1989 JARM became an Incorporated Association.
2001 JARM was listed as one of the 18 basic specialties of the Japanese Medical Specialty Board.
2012 JARM became a Public Interest Incorporated Association.
2016 The first issue of "Progress in Rehabilitation Medicine" was published.
2019 The 13th International Society for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine World Congress was held in Kobe, Japan.
2023 Total number of JARM members grew to 11,583 as of January, 2023.
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