About JARM

Message from the President

June 2022 – present President, Japanese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine

Masahiro Abo, MD., PhD.

Welcome to the Japanese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine (JARM).
Rehabilitation medicine promotes recovering impairments caused by various diseases, traumas, and pathological conditions, as well as overcoming the disabilities and "enriching activities". Our role is to provide comprehensive care for functional recovery and re-engagement in social activities.
Although we have involved in various activities, I would like to describe some of the policies that we should particularly promote in the future.

Making the JARM more opened both internally and externally

Opened internally means that the entire organization will be revitalized through the participation of young members. We will prepare various measures so that young people can participate and play an active role including in the Board of Directors and committees.
While, opened externally means promoting cooperation and collaboration with the related associations. We will strengthen our organization in terms of finance and human resources, and enhance diplomacy to ensure closer cooperation with other associations for the promotion of rehabilitation medicine.

Promoting academics and education

While academic development through scholarly activities is a matter of course, we will also do our utmost to foster the development of physiatrists. Since physiatrists are physicians who can comprehensively treat patients with any kind of disability or disease, we will strive to enhance and equalize the curriculum for education. In addition, since rehabilitation medicine is based on the premise of interdisciplinary team, we will also focus on building an educational system which includes professions related to rehabilitation. So far, the JARM has created a number of standard textbooks. By making good use of these textbooks, we will enhance the pre- and post-graduate education system for not only physiatrists but also physicians in other medical departments and a wide range of professions related to rehabilitation.

Increasing contribution to the society

We will further promote support for para sports and disaster relief. We will also make efforts to support people with disabilities in their education and employment. Physiatrists are specialists who can manage both inclusiveness and diversity. Such physiatrists will lead the way in supporting the restoration of the rights and social activities of people with disabilities more than ever before. The major issue is how to create contact between people with disabilities and the society. The JARM will broadly discuss social activities and work styles of people with disabilities and actively promote social activities and support for education and employment.

We will work together with the directors, auditors, delegates, and members of the association to address the many challenges that lie ahead. I sincerely ask for your support and cooperation as we all work together to make the JARM a better organization.

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