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Traveling Fellowship Program for Foreign Physicians

1. Objective

In order to achieve the objectives of the Japanese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine (JARM) from the standpoint of international exchange as set forth in Article 3 of the Articles of Association, JARM has established the Exchange Traveling Fellowship, which is one of the goals of the JARM International Affairs Committee as specified in the Association’s bylaws. By this program, qualified foreign physicians will be subsidized for a part of their transportation costs to visit rehabilitation institutions in Japan and/or to make presentations at domestic or international meetings organized by JARM.

2. Subsidy

The amount of the subsidy is from \50,000 to \300,000 per person, depending on the expected transportation cost, which is determined by the JARM International Affairs Committee. When the total transportation cost, including airfare and accommodation fee, exceeds this amount, participants must pay the excess themselves. The total amount of the fiscal subsidy will not exceed the budget approved by JARM Board of Directors.

3. Qualifications

A candidate for this Fellowship shall satisfy the following requirements:

  1. The said person shall be a medical doctor who is engaged in rehabilitation medicine,

  2. The said person shall have one or more original papers related to rehabilitation medicine published with his or her name as a first author,

  3. The said person shall have one or more experiences participating in an international or overseas conference to present a paper, and

  4. The said person shall be fluent in either English or Japanese.

  5. The said person has never received the subsidy provided by this fellowship in the past.

4. Application for a Fellowship

Applicants for a Fellowship shall submit the following materials(WORD)  to the International Affairs Committee of JARM, 1-18-12 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047, Japan, by the specified deadline:

  1. C.V. including e-mail address and/or fax number, a photo, and date of birth,

  2. A list of medical associations or organizations to which the applicant belongs,

  3. A list of published papers and presentations,

  4. A copy of a major published article in which the applicant participated as the first author,

  5. A letter of recommendation from one of the following: the chairperson or a board member of the organization related to rehabilitation medicine to which the applicant belongs, a JARM Honorary /Corresponding Member, or a JARM Councilor,

  6. A letter of approval of the chairperson of the department/institution where the applicant works, and

  7. The titles and their abstracts of one or more topics related to rehabilitation medicine that the applicant intends to present and discuss at the institutions and/or JARM-affiliated meetings. When the applicant has already submitted an abstract for presentation at a specific JARM-affiliated meeting, a copy of that abstract form should be attached with the above scripts.

  8. As for visiting institutions, a list of rehabilitation medicine institutions you want to visit in Japan.

  9. In principle, deadline of application will be December 1 for the next fiscal year period (April 1 to March 31)

5. Process of Selection

The JARM International Affairs Committee shall review the qualifications of the applicants and report the results to the JARM Board of Directors. The Board of Directors decides the qualified fellows. As for visiting institutions, it is preferable that the places do not overlap across the candidates in a year in principle.

6. Duties of Fellowship Recipients

A Fellowship recipient shall submit the assigned reports to the JARM International Affairs Committee. The Committee will consider the reports for publication in the Japanese Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine and other JARM publications.

Approval by the Board of Directors:
June 12, 2019

1-18-12 Uchikanda Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047, Japan